Artist Statement

Expressing the duality, or rather the plurality of nature through materials and mediums, my current work questions the nature and reality of the social constructs of gender and identity, asking questions that most people never have to consider. When whole aspects of a person’s identity get repressed, having to actually ask what it means to be a man or a woman, is there anything in between, why, how big a role does biology have versus cultural upbringing gain a heightened importance. And although answers often prove to be elusive, in that moment of questioning, a new set of possibilities opens up, new conclusions and connections can be made.

Using my own life and experiences as a lens for the viewer to project their own identity, hopes and insecurities, I see my work as an extension of my own interactions with the world. In order for me to claim and recognize a work as my own, it needs to disrupt the viewer's ability to parse what they are seeing and experiencing, so that they may recognize this liminal place of exciting potential, of both and neither at the same time.